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Welcome to the next phase of your agency

As one of our high-growth potential Google Partner agencies, we’re delighted to invite you to apply for our business coaching Programme.

Over the next 3 months, your C-level team will benefit from a range of free and exclusive resources, all designed to help accelerate your agency’s growth and get you to the next level.

Grow faster: Achieve your growth goals, with support from a professional business coach.

Stand out: 7x bi-weekly livestreams will help you master everything from operational efficiency and pricing, to negotiation and the sales process.

Win more business: You’ll get a printed certificate and LinkedIn badge to show potential clients you’re the people to choose.



Robert Craven is a first-class, international keynote business speaker, author and agency growth consultant who enthusiastically shares his ‘free of nonsense’ approach with his audiences. Setting up and running his first business, age 21, Robert has seen almost every aspect of running and growing a business.

His main area of expertise is growing digital agencies – last year he spoke to over 4,000 agencies from Singapore to Amsterdam to New York. He delivers trainings and presentations that are highly relevant and action-focused: a unique blend of hard facts, latest thinking, intuitive insights and good old-fashioned common sense. All focused on actionable takeaways.



Paul J.R. Renaud is a Certified Executive Coach (ICF), specializing in peak performance, Brain-Science & Marketing. Paul’s coaching protocols occur at many levels of management, from entrepreneurs and managers all the way to the C-suite.

His experience ranges from multinationals to startups including brands such as Google, Coca-Cola, Philips, Adobe, Bitdefender, eMAG, GE Capital, Toyota, UPS, UPC, Fokker and Endava.

He defines his skills in coaching as the intersection of doing ‘what he enjoys’ and ‘what he’s destined to do.’ Striving for peak performance with all clients as they achieve their goals, Renaud facilitates complete client transformation and, at the same time embracing change.

Module 1: Pricing Agency Services
Module 2: Objection Handling & Negotiation
Module 3: Sales Process
Module 4: Operational Efficiency
Module 5: Construct Your Business Plan
Module 6: Marketing
Module 7: Proposal Factory & Productization

Netpeak. Every business is based on demand. What is the most effective method of finding a supplier for the demand? It’s Search! So, in order to get supplier’s demand, you have to dominate the Search. But in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well as in PPC (Pay Per Click) you compete for demand with dozens of rivals.

Maybe there are not even your competitors in terms of business, but they are your competitors in terms of search because they get demand that you want to attract.

The winner will beat them – but how?